Influence Studios Los Angeles

3016 E Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90023 Directions

4000 sqft
From $150-225/hr
LA's most turnkey production rental studio that is pre-styled and pre-lit so content creators, influencers, and agencies can capture content without the hassle and expense of a traditional shoot. Our studio is perfect for photo shoots and video productions. Just show up and shoot.
Instant Booking Available
  • Starting at $150/hr
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Use of 2 sets per hour
  • 100% turnkey experience
  • Add-Ons
  • Groups of 5 or more
  • 1 ton grip package

    1 Ton Grip + Equipment Package List


    40" Century Stand 2-Rise Non Spring Load (NSL) x5
    20" Century Stand 2- Riser Non Spring Loaded x1
    American Grip Medium Roller 3-Rise Jr. Grip Head R/M Leg x3
    Alum Baby Roller 2-Rise 3/4" x20" Leg x2
    American Grip Alum Combo 2-Rise R/M Leg 3/4" x 42" x2


    35lb Saddle Back Sandbag (Filled) x4
    25lb Saddle Back Sandbag (Filled) x8


    Baby Offset Arm 14" x1
    Bead Board Holder (Duckbill) 7" x2
    Combo/Spud Adapter Pin 1-1/8" to 5/8" x2
    Super Clamp x4
    Cardellini Clamp, End Jaw x2
    Cardellini Clamp, Center Jaw x2
    Small Hand Clamp #1 x6
    Medium Hand Clamp #2 x6
    Large Hand Clamp #3 x8
    Matthews Mini Boom x1
    Full Apple Box x4
    Half Apple Box x2
    Quarter Apple Box x2
    Pancake Apple Box x2


    18"x24" Solid Flag x1
    18"x24" Single Black Net x1
    18"x24" Double Black Net x1
    18"x24" Poly Silk x1
    24"x36" Solid Flag x1
    24"x36" Gel Frame x2
    24"x36" Single Black Net x1
    24"x36" Double Black Net x1
    24"x36" Poly Silk x1
    48"x48" Solid Floppy x4
    48"x48" Poly Silk x1
    48"x48" Single Black Net x1
    48"x48" Double Black Net x1
    48"x48" Gel Frame x4
    48"x48" Unbleached Muslin Floppy x1
    48"x48" B/W Bounce Floppy x1


    4x8 Black & White Show Card x2
    4x4 Show Card x2
    4x4 Bead Board x1
    V-Flat World Foldable V-Flat (Black/White) x2


    Stinger 12/3 SJO Cable - 50' x3
    Stinger 12/3 SJO Cable - 25' x5
    Studio Depot GF Cube Tap 1482B 3 to 1 Cube Tap x2


    Furniture Pad Black 72"x80" x4
    LEE Filters 12"x25' Black Foil Roll x1
    Tape Kit (2” Black Gaff, 2” White Gaff, 1” White Gaff, 2” Black Paper) x1
    430 Grid Cloth Diffusion x1
    204 Full CTO Gel x1
    250 Half White Diffusion x1
    251 Quarter White Diffusion x1
    410 Opal Diffusion x1
    Cinebags Gel Roll w/ cuts of gels + diffusion x1
    Tape Kit (2” Black Gaff, 2” White Gaff, 1” White Gaff, 2” Black Paper) x1


    ovativ AXIS Base Station w/ Ecoflow Delta Max (2000) x1

  • Additional floor lights

    • 1 Aputure 1200D with 48" Lite Dome modifier
    • 1 Aputure 600C with fresnel modifier
    • 1 Aputure 600 Nova LED panel light
    • 1 Aputure 300 Nova LED with softbox modifier
    • 1 Aputure 300x with leko slash modifier

    *all lights come with rolling stands

  • Pricing Details

    Los Angeles Photo and Video Rental Studio

    Book Your Next Photo / Video Shoot

    How It Works

    Our Los Angeles photo and video rental studio features 10 sets that are pre-styled and pre-lit for your production needs. Our sets are designed to replicate particular rooms in the home that are often difficult to shoot in. We also have a product table, v-flat wall, and cyc wall for e-commerce needs. On top of that, we've treated a few set walls with different textures - like our brick faux fireplace, lime-washed archway, and French paneling.

    When we say turnkey content creation, we mean it. By simply flipping on a switch the grid lighting above each set creates a commercial-ready lighting foundation. If you want something a little more custom, we have an army of lights and grip equipment you can rent as an add-on.

    If you're looking for a photo studio or a place for video production in Los Angeles, have a look at our custom sets below.

    Curated Production Studio Sets for Rent

    Rent our pre-styled and pre-lit sets in Los Angeles for your photo and video production needs.
    Limewash Arch

    Limewash Arch

    Open space with community table for restaurant/coffee setups

    Limewash Arch

    This is an open set with a large community dining table designed to replicate a restaurant or coffee shop environment. You can also remove the table and use the limewashed arch wall for fashion or ecomm shots. The set is designed to flow into the Bar for a fully integrated scene. 

    • Dimension: 12’ D x 12’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Bar, Kitchen

    • Flooring : Original concrete

    Flat Wall

    Flat Wall

    Two-sided flat wall with floor perfect for monochrome ecomm content

    Flat Wall

    Consider this a gigantic v-flat. It is perfect for fashion and ecomm content and can be customized to whatever color you want with prior approval and planning. 

    • Dimension: 8’ D x 8’W x 8’H

    • Adjacent Space : Bathroom, Product Table

    • Flooring : Painted wood



    Fully functional, modern kitchen for your production needs


    Our Kitchen is perfect for product and lifestyle shoots. The electric range is functional and can be used with prior permission. We also have a working Smeg fridge, kitchen sink, and additional outlets on the countertops to plug in appliances. All the props in the kitchen are yours to use and move around; we just ask that you return everything to its original position when you’re finished with your rental.

    • Dimensions : 16’D x 16’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Limewash Arch

    • Flooring : Concrete laminate



    Custom tiled bar with mullion cube glass window


    The Bar set was built to function as a cocktail bar vignette or a coffee shop POS. It comes with some glassware and appliances. You can bring in unique props to cater the styling to your production needs. 

    • Dimension: 12’ D x 14’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Limewash Arch, Kitchen, Home Office

    • Flooring : Original concrete

    Home Office

    Home Office

    Upscale home office with faux brick fireplace and custom shelves

    Home Office

    The Home Office is located next to the Living Room and is designed for product and lifestyle shots that need an upscale home environment. It features a rattan desk, chair, custom shelves, and a faux brick fireplace. You can also remove the desk and chair and shoot fashion or ecomm against the brick.

    • Dimension: 16’ D x 14’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Living Room, Bar

    • Flooring : Concrete Laminate

    Living Room

    Living Room

    Stylish and modern living room with French molding and archway into bedroom

    Living Room

    The Living Room shares a continuous concrete laminate flooring with the Home Office and features modern and stylish furniture for high-end product and lifestyle content creation. It also features a small bar cart and archway passthrough that connects to the Bedroom set. 

    • Dimension: 16’ D x 16’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Home Office, Kitchen

    • Flooring : Concrete Laminate



    Gorgeous bedroom set with lots of texture and space


    The Bedroom set features a gorgeous custom tambour headboard with matching concrete nightstands and other unique furnishings. It is separated by the Living Room with an archway passthrough. It is also directly connected to the Bathroom set and can be shot as an on-suite. 

    • Dimension: 16’ D x 16’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Bathroom, Living Room

    • Flooring : Woodplank laminate



    Designer bathroom with custom touches and open space for shooting


    This absolutely stunning set features so many different colors and textures that all work together for a stylized set. The Bathroom is perfect for product and lifestyle imagery. Please note, the bathroom is not functional and has no running water. Our clients typically use spray bottles to create condensation on sinks, mirrors, shower glass, etc. 

    • Dimension: 16’ D x 10’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Bedroom, Flat Wall

    • Flooring : Custom herringbone tile

    Cyc Wall

    Cyc Wall

    Two-side, pre-lit cove perfect for fashion and ecomm

    Cyc Wall

    Our large, two-sided cove is perfect for fashion and ecomm. There is a changing room located directly next to it for quick changes. It features 5 cyc lights for a bright and clean backdrop as well as 3 lanterns for an even, commercial look on talent. 

    • Dimension: 16’ D x 16’W x 12’H

    • Adjacent Space : Product Table

    • Flooring : Painted chip board

    Product Table

    Product Table

    Large, rolling product table for all your ecomm content needs

    Product Table

    This set was built with the photographer in mind. Our table is large, countertop height, and on wheels for simple adjustments. The table features a shelf underneath to store backdrops, props, and keep productions moving. 

    • Dimension: 4’ D x 5’W x 3’H

    • Adjacent Space : Flat Wall, Cyc Wall

    • Flooring : Original concrete

    Virtual Tour

    Everything you need to shoot your scenes!

    If you have additional questions about your Los Angeles photo and video studio rental please contact us!


    All our sets come pre-lit for turnkey productions.

    Workflow Lighting Details

    Each set features multiple space lights for a bright, clean, commercial look. Lighting output can be controlled via an IOS app. 6 additional floor lights on rolling c-stands are available for rent at an additional cost.


    A few things to keep in mind when recording audio.

    Workflow Sound Details

    We are not a sound stage. While it is usually pretty quiet, we do experience occasional commercial airplanes at a distance as well as ambient traffic sounds from Olympic Blvd. Recording audio for online courses, interviews, fitness videos, etc. is quite reliable as long as you are prepared for the occasional re-take. As far as recording live events, we can’t guarantee audio will go without disruption for long lengths of time.


    We have ample power for your production needs.

    Workflow Electrical Details

    Each set is pre-lit with all the lights for that set running on their own 20A circuit. On most sets, there is room to add another 6-10A of lighting in the grid (with the exception of the Cyc Wall) Additional, dedicated 20A quad boxes are located throughout the studio for floor lights and other equipment.


    Bathroom and changing room on site.

    Workflow Facilities Details

    We have two restrooms located on-site as well as a changing room directly next to the Cyc wall for quick change access during high-volume ecomm shoots.


    6 dedicated, tandem spaces.

    Workflow Parking Details

    We have a gated parking lot with 6 tandem spaces located off the back alley behind our studio. There is also free street parking directly in front of our studio and across the street. We also have a roll-up garage door for load-in off the alley. Please note parking signs and reference the graphic in your check-in instructions for specific locations. For weekend shoots, we can fit as many as 12 cars


    Turn by turn directions.

    Workflow Directions Details

    3016 E Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90023 We are located right off Olympic Blvd. Next to the famous Mariscos 4 Vientos restaurant and food truck. While we do have a front entrance, we recommend parking and loading in from the back alley. Turning down S Evergreen is easier than S Dacotah because there are usually fewer vehicles clogging up the roads. You’ll see our large gated parking lot and logo on the red brick building.