San Diego Studio

San Diego Studio

12 pre-styled and pre-lit sets for your photo and video studio rental needs. Located in central San Diego. Visit Studio
Los Angeles Studio

Los Angeles Studio

10 pre-styled and pre-lit sets for for your photo and video studio rental needs. Located in DTLA. Visit Studio

Photo and Video Studio in San Diego and Los Angeles

The first fully turn-key production rental space that is pre-styled and pre-lit so content creators, influencers, and agencies can capture photo and video without the hassle and expense of a traditional shoot. Commercial quality content is available with the flip of a switch. Just show up and shoot. Bookable by the hour.


Amazing studio perfect for any type of photoshoot. Management was super responsive and informative. The space was everything we planned for, and more. Professional lighting options and the multiple sets to work with in one space made this our most productive shoot so far in our business. Highly recommend.


Kirk & the Influence Studios team were incredibly helpful! They make the rental process straight-forward. The space is decked out with easy to control overhead lighting, some additional lighting on the floor, and beautifully styled sets. The perfect studio space for productions small or large.


Influence Studios was perfect for our shoot. The different set-ups they've designed looked incredible in our photos and Kirk was awesome to work with. I highly recommend using their studio and I hope to have the opportunity to shoot their again!


I've held two large lifestyle shoots involving children at Influence Studios, and it's hard to imagine a better setup for anyone behind or in front of the camera. If you want turn-key and slick professionalism THIS IS IT. I've been a photographer for decades so I understand lighting deeply, and even though a lot of the lighting is set and unmoveable, it's inteligently placed with full manual control handed over to the user via iPad. They also have moveable floor lighting should you want some extra fill or highlights - which I highly recommend booking. Staff isn't typically on site from my experience, but they are super responsive if you have any issues, and it's nice knowing no one is going to pop in and out of your set. Facilities include dual restrooms for talent and crew, full working kitchen that you can use as a set as well if you wish. Tons of rest area for chaperones / family / staff - you don't have to worry about all those kinds of logistics. Full thumbs up!


Influence Studios is quickly becoming our home away from home as we continue to utilize their exceptional facilities for so many of out product showcase productions (recorded and livestream). I also want to say that the owner and management team are amazing and always work with us to help support our needs!

Advantages of a turn-key production studio

Our photo and video studio combines all the best aspects of a commercial shoot location. It is as much turn-key as it is customizable.

Pre-lit Sets

We have a fully built-out lighting grid above each set that provides a clean and commercial look. This lighting is perfect for influencers, content creators, and independent photographers who don’t have a lot of time or budget to shoot with a big crew. Simply flip on the set switch and you’re good to go.

For larger crews and brands who require custom looks, our grid lighting is the perfect foundation to build from. We also rent

additional lighting
Workflow Light rentals

1 Aputure 1200D with Lite Dome 
1 Aputure 600C with Fresnel
1 Aputure 600 Nova
1 Aputure 300 Nova with Softbox
1 Aputure 300x with Leko

*all rental lights come on rolling c-stands


and a 

1-ton grip package,

1 Ton Grip + Equipment Package List


40" Century Stand 2-Rise Non Spring Load (NSL) x5
20" Century Stand 2- Riser Non Spring Loaded x1
American Grip Medium Roller 3-Rise Jr. Grip Head R/M Leg x3
Alum Baby Roller 2-Rise 3/4" x20" Leg x2
American Grip Alum Combo 2-Rise R/M Leg 3/4" x 42" x2


35lb Saddle Back Sandbag (Filled) x4
25lb Saddle Back Sandbag (Filled) x8


Baby Offset Arm 14" x1
Bead Board Holder (Duckbill) 7" x2
Combo/Spud Adapter Pin 1-1/8" to 5/8" x2
Super Clamp x4
Cardellini Clamp, End Jaw x2
Cardellini Clamp, Center Jaw x2
Small Hand Clamp #1 x6
Medium Hand Clamp #2 x6
Large Hand Clamp #3 x8
Matthews Mini Boom x1
Full Apple Box x4
Half Apple Box x2
Quarter Apple Box x2
Pancake Apple Box x2


18"x24" Solid Flag x1
18"x24" Single Black Net x1
18"x24" Double Black Net x1
18"x24" Poly Silk x1
24"x36" Solid Flag x1
24"x36" Gel Frame x2
24"x36" Single Black Net x1
24"x36" Double Black Net x1
24"x36" Poly Silk x1
48"x48" Solid Floppy x4
48"x48" Poly Silk x1
48"x48" Single Black Net x1
48"x48" Double Black Net x1
48"x48" Gel Frame x4
48"x48" Unbleached Muslin Floppy x1
48"x48" B/W Bounce Floppy x1


4x8 Black & White Show Card x2
4x4 Show Card x2
4x4 Bead Board x1
V-Flat World Foldable V-Flat (Black/White) x2


Stinger 12/3 SJO Cable - 50' x3
Stinger 12/3 SJO Cable - 25' x5
Studio Depot GF Cube Tap 1482B 3 to 1 Cube Tap x2


Furniture Pad Black 72"x80" x4
LEE Filters 12"x25' Black Foil Roll x1
Tape Kit (2” Black Gaff, 2” White Gaff, 1” White Gaff, 2” Black Paper) x1
430 Grid Cloth Diffusion x1
204 Full CTO Gel x1
250 Half White Diffusion x1
251 Quarter White Diffusion x1
410 Opal Diffusion x1
Cinebags Gel Roll w/ cuts of gels + diffusion x1
Tape Kit (2” Black Gaff, 2” White Gaff, 1” White Gaff, 2” Black Paper) x1


ovativ AXIS Base Station w/ Ecoflow Delta Max (2000) x1

so everything you need is right here.

And for those of you who like it how you like it, feel free to bring in your own lighting and grip and go nuts.

Pre-styled Sets

Our sets also come pre-styled, which saves a ton of time and resources that would otherwise go toward set dressing. And just like with the lighting grid, you can use all of our props and furniture, or you can bring in your own with easy garage door loading access.

We have many sets that are designed to look like rooms in a home. We know how challenging it is to operate a crew inside an actual house - with so many limitations on space and power. We brought the feeling and decor of these household rooms with plenty of space to operate.

We also have an elaborate spread of sets for ecomm work, like the Cyc Wall and Product Table sets.

One of the biggest values of our production rental studios is being able to shoot through all of your line sheets for ecomm and then take that product right into a lifestyle set to get more content for web or socials. This makes our clients look good to their clients by being able to offer a wider variety of content within one shoot location.

How We Started

Influence Studios was born during Covid when set closures and restrictions nearly bankrupted the production industry. We knew then that traditional productions would change forever, and the photo and video rental studios would need to adapt. Instead of banking on huge shoots with massive crews, Influence Studios was built for content creators and brands that want to/need to operate more efficiently.

We wanted to make things as easy as possible for content creators to capture beautiful commercial imagery. We also wanted to make high-quality content more accessible for all content creators. We’re allowing content to be shot more effortlessly by eliminating some of the production bottlenecks and setup times.